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Life Purpose

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Many of us are plagued by the pressure to find our ‘life purpose’. Maybe we’ve tried different careers, hobbies, interests but none of them seemed to be ‘the one’. Or maybe we’ve been waiting for some flash of inspiration, some sudden revelation of what it is we’re ‘supposed’ to be doing, but nothing has come and we’re left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Instead of looking for our life purpose in some job description or other, what if we look in a very different direction, and explore that feeling of frustration, of unfulfillment? Feel into the discomfort, the edgy, nervy agitation, the tense, restless unease, and ask what is it that we are that is aware of these feeling? That knows the thought that considers that question? That in itself is prior to thought, prior to feeling, prior to all experiencing? That shines unchanging whilst the world performs its colourful dance? That remains unparted from every feature of that wondrous display?

When we look from that placeless place, then every vibration of sound, every tingle of sensation, every beat of the heart is already our life purpose effortlessly playing out.

In moving beyond the projections of thought, in being released from the continual self-judgements, criticisms and recriminations, in recognising the sheer miracle of what we already are, the uniqueness of our character is free to truly shine; and very naturally we find ourselves drawn to wherever it is we find our joy.

fountain of life

Fountain of Life

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You are the very fountain of life, giving rise to dimensions of space and time, expressing in cascades of colour, sound, sensation, feeling, thought, taste, smell, creating a human experience of joy and pain, of ease and challenge, of heartache and heart-opening, continually dissolving back into yourself and recycling in an ever fresh, magical celebration of love.


Innocent Eyes

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What a magical gift young children are. You’re off for a walk with your little companion when suddenly you feel their tiny hand hold you back. You’ve been stopped mid-pavement and you wonder why with your adult sophistication, there’s nothing to see here. But oh how wrong you are, for in your discarded ‘nothing’ your little friend lends you their innocent eyes to reveal an infinite world of delight. A stream of ants teeming from a crack in the paving stone, a tiny rug of soft green moss, an explosion of grass reaching for the light, the spiral of an empty snail shell, a decaying leaf with its intricate network of veins, an assortment of minute bugs roaming the scene. As you stare transfixed with wonder at this micro universe at play, suddenly you feel a gentle tug on your hand again. Obviously it’s time to move on to some other scene of awe. You obey your new master gladly and feel the excitement, the exhilaration of having no clue about what could possibly happen next.

doing the dishes

Doing the dishes

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You’re doing the dishes, locked inside a torrent of thinking. Suddenly you notice the warmth of the water on your hands, the tightness in your stomach and shoulders, the shortness of your breath. And slowly, as if by magic, the tension naturally begins to soften, the breath begins to deepen; you hear the rustling of the wind in the trees outside, the distant sound of traffic, the whole bustling soundtrack of life. And whatever you are that is noticing, that notices the throbbing pulse of the heart equally as the sound of children playing, that notices the bubbles of foam on the water as intimately as the tingling sensation of the face, is undoubtedly here, but nowhere to be found; and in being unfindable is inseparable from everyone and everything. And in that realisation love wells up in your heart, spilling over, drenching every particle of this wondrous arising with its sweet nectar.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re feeling, the awe of being is already here, already available, waiting patiently to be dis-covered.

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