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‘To Do’ Lists

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We all have our ‘to do’ lists: chores to finish, projects to complete, people to see, places to go, to read more, to exercise more, to eat more healthily, to become more ‘realised’, or whatever it might be.

But why is it that they often provoke such agitation, such impatience, such aggravating tightness? Because we have come to believe that our happiness is dependent on completing our list of tasks, and so we yearn to reach that longed for goal. But this anxiety, this tension is so uncomfortable that we use more thought to escape it – thoughts which reaffirm that our happiness lies at the end of the list – which only increases the agitation which increases the yearning which increases the agitation which increases the yearning…

Before being caught up in the next cycle of thinking, what if we go deeply into that murky world of unwanted feelings, deeply into that antsy, edgy irritation?

As we open to those dancing energies, as the mental labels dissolve away, ‘discomfort’ is magically revealed to be none other than the pulsing, vibrating electricity of aliveness. And in vacating the confinements of thought, we find no boundaries to speak of, no reasons to escape and nothing at all to achieve.

As the longing and grasping naturally relax, joy infuses the scene, and suddenly it’s clear: the happiness we seek is not dependent on any attainment, but is already always here, is the very essence of our being.

And so the play of life goes on, along with all its ‘to do’ lists. But rather than our actions coming from the need to escape discomfort, they can flow as an expression, a celebration, of the joy that we already are.

Pushing Buttons

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When all our buttons are pushed, when we argue with our loved ones and it snowballs into a blazing row, when things get broken and doors get slammed, it can really seem like there’s no way back. But, as the storm settles, maybe we can start to see it not as tragedy but an opportunity; a chance to explore what lies behind those triggers, to tenderly approach that dark, torturous place that feels too uncomfortable, too vulnerable, too raw. And as we meet right there, on the sharp edge of our pain, without judgement, without protection, rather than falling apart, we collapse together, in a torrent of love that knows no bounds.


The Momentum of ‘Me’

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“Recognising your real nature is the beginning, it’s not the end. It’s so often sold as a big bang, that’s it, all over, thank you very much. It’s the beginning because this ‘me’ mechanism is still there, still in operation. It’s like a heavy locomotive; even though you’ve put out the firebox it’s still charging down the track, it’s got momentum. But now you recognise it for what it is. Every time you come from that protective place, as soon as you see it you can disassemble right there, you can apologies, you can reveal the game that you’re playing and watch the ‘self’ die in its own humiliation. That’s the stuff people aren’t prepared to do, they just want some big fix. That’s the emptying out, that’s the letting go, that’s the unravelling, the realigning. If you find yourself still needing to protect then in truth you’re not putting out that firebox, you’re still throwing in the coal, still creating more steam.”

From “Easing into Being” – meeting 06/05/2014


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It’s easy to look back on those big ‘crossroads’ moments in life with regret: regretting that you went left, out of fear, when you’d much rather have gone right. But instead of being caught up in the past, what about the crossroads here now, in this moment? Will fear be your guide or your longing for the truth?

When truth becomes your master the whole notion of a ‘crossroads’ evaporates, for there is only one way left to go, and that’s home.

double bind crop

Double Bind

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Do you feel bound, longing for freedom? Do you feel doubly bound, having denied your natural instinct to seek a solution, because of the spiritual belief that ‘life lives us’, that ‘there’s nothing to do’ because ‘there’s no one to do it’?

Imagine you are a small child, and you’re convinced that 2 + 2 = 5. One day you’re sitting with a friendly school teacher and you ask them about it. They invite you to see how 2 is made up of 1 + 1, so 2 + 2 is actually 1 + 1 + 1 + 1. You count the 1s diligently and discover, for yourself, that 2 + 2 = 4 and your misunderstanding is resolved. That’s life living as a child with a misunderstanding, that’s life living as a school teacher facilitating the resolution of that misunderstanding.

Similarly life is living the message of freedom, inviting you to explore all of your assumptions, all your preconceived ideas about who you are and what life is; inviting you to feel into the fear, feel into the vulnerability as you let go of all frames of reference, to see what remains when life-as-you-think-you-know-it falls apart.

Don’t just believe what the ‘teacher’ tells you; look for yourself, discover first-hand. Then seeking will come to a natural end, not because you decide to do ‘doing nothing’ (which is the greatest doing of all), but because you truly realise, for yourself, that you already are what you seek.

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