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Beneath the Skin

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If we cling to spiritual concepts rather than touch the razor edge of our fear, then our understanding will only ever be skin deep and we’ll continually long for more. But what if we go beneath the skin, into the raw, tender, visceral dimension of feeling, of sensation, into the vibrant electricity of life, what then? Miraculously we’re not destroyed, on the contrary! The exhilarating joy of being floods in, washing away the divisions, and longing is transfigured into living and loving.



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Do you feel mentally exhausted, frustrated, blocked? Come out of your mind frame, come back to sensation; feel the dam burst and the surge of aliveness come coursing through life’s veins.

Too Much

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To live in vulnerability can sometimes seem too much, too overwhelming; you want to take the ‘easy’ option, to desensitize yourself once more, to retreat back into ignore-ance. But what happens then? You start to feel frustrated, closed down, unexpressed; begin longing for something more, longing to come alive. Break the cycle! Make insecurity your dearest friend, not-knowing your bedfellow, fall in love with the rawness of life; that’s where true aliveness resides, that’s where all the real magic happens.


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Are you still believing in fairytales? Dreaming of the knight in shining armour, the fairy princess, the perfect lover, body, house, children, life? In your quest for perfection you defraud yourself of this ‘inadequate’ moment, entirely overlook how it’s drenched in aliveness, saturated in beauty, a uniquely crafted work of love. Do you want to carry on dreaming or do you want to come alive?

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